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Pony Rides

All children love our beautiful and gentle ponies! Perfect for babies to 10 yrs. (weight limit 100 lbs.)

     We are not just a company owning ponies and renting them out. Horses are a family thing and a life style for us. Sam (dad) is the whole purchasing department and an expert on choosing animals with great attitudes. "Dad" has the knack whether it's a gentle pony for your backyard or a sensible horse or pony with an athletic ability for the show ring. Heidi (mom) handles two departments; she's in charge of the grooming and dietary needs of the animals and does her job well! Matt and Ashley? Well, they are our product testers. The pictures below will show they created their own tests. At ages 10 and 11 they have survived and are quite accomplished in the show ring.

     We hope you appreciate the time we take in choosing the right animals for the job. It's your kids we are keeping safe. Not every child will be able to own a pony but they can certainly have one on their special day! We hope that we can be a part of that day.

Tee shirt and knapsack coloring

Tee Shirt and Knapsack Coloring
A great craft to add to your party. Kids of all ages like to color. Let them color their own masterpiece and take it home as a party favor. The Pony Tee Shirt or Knapsack really theme out with Pony Parties. Please see the available selections. The tee shirts come in three sizes.

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